Pre-school in Barnet

Please fee free to check out the above links to pre-school in Barnet.

Every three and four-year-old are eligible to receive up to 15 hours of free early years pre-school provision per week, up to 38 weeks per year, through a registered childcare provider that participates in the scheme.

There are three levels of entitlement on how this can be delivered. The directory indicates which level of entitlement each setting delivers.

There are three levels of flexibility that can be accessed:
Level 0: Parents are allocated five mornings or five afternoons per week of 3 hours.

Level 1: Parents are able to choose any combination of 5 blocks of 3 hour sessions mornings or afternoons.

Level 2: Parents are able to choose three 5 hour days or 2 full days (6 hours each) and one half day (3 hours) per week.

Any further information is also available on the Council website Nursery School here