Education in Barnet

Barnet has some of the top schools in the country. Ofsted are consistently assessing the schools are we are consistently coming out top!

Barnet schools have some of the most successful high-achieving pupils in the country sitting alongside a sizeable minority who will get fewer than five good grade GCSEs. This difference in achievement can last a lifetime. We intend to close that gap and help ensure everyone in our community gets the chance to reach their full potential with the education in Barnet.

Our local council website provide an excellent source of information and we suggest you visit their their website for Education in Barnet.

If you are moving into the area and have not yet received a place at a school there are also a selection of options that are also available to you. Check out the home schooling team who also help with interim schooling.

Breakfast clubs in Barnet

We also pride ourselves on the breakfast clubs and out of school care in Barnet. Check breakfast clubs out here.

There are also further childcare directories available here.

In year admissions

Local authorities co-ordinate applications from their residents for places at all maintained primary and secondary schools and academies, including schools outside the home authority.

This means that you will complete one Common Application Form (CAF) provided by the council in which you live:

  • if you live in Barnet you should complete the in-year admissions CAF
  • if you live outside Barnet, you must obtain an application form from the council where you live, even if you intend to apply for Barnet schools.

This form should be used to apply for a place at all schools (community schools, voluntary-aided schools, foundation schools and academies), except private or independent schools. Voluntary aided (faith) schools, and some foundation schools and academies, will also ask you to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Please contact the school directly for further advice.