Love Barnet – Making Barnet Happen…

“Love Barnet” is here to bring traders and shoppers together and to give business proprietors a voice in the local community and offer them an on-line shop window to help promote their business and to reach out to customers, old and new.

Following many months of brain-storming and planning, the “Love Barnet” group was born and local traders were, and still are, invited to join in the campaign and help to build the new “community”. Independent business owners now have a place to air their views, concerns and ideas. With our new website up and running and all of the facilities in place to communicate with each other and our audience, the future for Barnet High Street is looking rosier, there is certainly a buzz in the air!

In short, “Love Barnet” is OUR Platform, OUR Community, OUR Voice….  you gotta love that and you gotta “Love Barnet”!

Gail Laser & Love Barnet

Gail Laser is the driving force behind “Love Barnet”. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping local businesses in Barnet High Street to grow and prosper is inspiring and laudable, she is unwavering in her belief in the need to grow a thriving local community, centred on a successful hub of diverse businesses.

With a background in retail management and hospitality, Gail knows well the difficulties and challenges facing today’s High Street operators. With so many options open to the consumer to spend their hard-earned cash, high street retailers, in particular, need to grab every opportunity to improve and promote their business.

Gail first became involved in the local traders association in 2011 when she spearheaded a group of local stakeholders, including some Barnet traders, to submit a bid under the “Outer London Fund” scheme. This scheme was open to outer London areas, particularly aimed at shopping/retail locations, to apply for funding to improve their surroundings. The scheme, part of the Mayor of London’s initiative, was “dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy and growth of London’s high streets and town centres”. It was aimed at localities that were not affected by either the new HS2 Rail Project or the 2012 London Olympics.

Gail and the Barnet bid was successful and the money did indeed begin some rejuvenation of Barnet High Street and gave Gail the platform to build a more pro-active and cohesive group of traders, all with a single aim of improving and promoting our local High Street, Barnet.

Love Barnet is a site for  all of us who live in Barnet and love Barnet!

Our community is thriving off line and we want to bring us all together here, on this website, and create a thriving community online as well.

You can visit our Facebook page and also be involved there – and we have also pulled our Facebook activity onto the website as well. The choice is yours!