Hertswood musicLive Music at Hertswood Court

Hertswood Court is sheltered accommodation at the top of Hillside Gardens, with about 40 residents and a common room. There have been concerts in the common room once a month for the last five months. We have had a great range of music: classical, jazz and in December Christmas music.

We have had a couple of concerts where the professional musician, Malcolm Messiter, has come with a teenage pupil. One of the residents at Hertswood, who used to be a piano teacher, was astonished at the young lady’s performance.

In November we hosted the Colin Peters Quartet, playing jazz favourites. The Borehamwood Brass Group came and played carols just before Christmas.

Last week the Classical Clarinet Quartet came. They performed a selection of light and classical music explaining the background to each piece before it was played. Melody McLaren, a photographer who specialises in music events, came and took photos during the recital.

We hope to have all these musicians come and play for us again, and we are looking for other musicians who want to play for the elderly. Live music can make such a difference to people who can no longer travel.

All the events are emailed to the sheltered accommodation in High Barnet and advertised in the Harris + Hoolecafé on the High Road. Do come and join us.

There are some photos are on Flickr as well as on Facebook.


Penny Baxter